1. All orders must be placed with your account manager, by phone, email or Skype.
2. For orders placed through the website (www.fjmpc.pt) wait for the confirmation email, if you do not receive it contact our commercial support.
3. The information on the products on the website (www.fjmpc.pt) may contain flaws in the accuracy and are subject to change without notice, in case of doubt contact your sales representative or the manufacturer's official page.
4. If you want your order to be delivered in its entirety, indicate it, otherwise it will be delivered according to the availability of products in stock.
5. If the customer wishes to pick up the order at our premises, he must do so within 5 working days from the date of the same, after which FJMPC, Lda may consider the order to have no effect.
6. Time for orders: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm


1. The sales prices and payment terms are established in the price list valid at the time of the order.
2. FJMPC, Lda. Reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.
3. In  case of price reductions after invoicing the goods, we won´t issue a credit note.
4. Sales prices are distribution prices exclusively for FJMPC, Lda customers.


1. In the case of new customers, the first order will always be paid by bank transfer and can never be less than € 150.00 plus VAT at the legal rate.
2. The payment condition for orders under € 150.00, regardless of credit agreement, is prompt payment.
3. It is expressly forbidden to proceed with the opening of orders without first proceeding to their payment, and may lose the right to the guarantee of lack of material if the carrier's guide makes reference that it was opened before the respective payment.
4. In case of check return by the bank due to lack of provision, the amount of 30 € of bank and administrative expenses will be charged.
5. If the orders are not delivered on the first attempt, due to lack of payment by the customer, the amount of € 30 of logistics and administrative expenses will be charged.


1. Promotions are limited to the day or week they are announced, as well as existing stock.
2. The information contained in the promotion disclosure is not binding, and FJMPC, Lda. Reserves the right to change its conditions in case of lack of accuracy or typographical error.


1. The products supplied by FJMPC, Lda, will only stop being property of the same, after full payment of the respective value, plus any late payment interest and / or compensation.
2. If the customer does not pay the amounts on the respective due dates, FJMPC, Lda will have the right to demand interest for late payment until full payment at an annual rate of 15%.
3. It is the customer's responsibility, in case of default, to pay to FJMPC, Lda the expenses and charges for judicial debt collection.
4. For all litigious matters arising from supplies made, the parties choose the district of Almeirim, with express waiver of any other.


1. Delivery of the goods is made within 48 hours (in mainland Portugal) after the invoice is issued, if the order is received by 5.30 pm.
2. The FJMPC cannot be held responsible if the delivery period exceeds 48 hours, whenever it is found that this delay is related to the actions of the client or third parties.
3. Upon receipt of the goods, the customer must proceed with its verification, and in the event of any anomalies, proceed with the description of them in the carrier's guide and contact FJMPC, Lda.
4. In the case of RMA the return will be on behalf of the customer and the respective shipment will be on behalf of FJMPC, Lda.
5. In the event of a change in the shipping cost due to weight or volume, it will be communicated to the customer before sending the order.


1. All products that are within the warranty period will be accepted as long as they are duly accompanied by the respective invoice.
2. No label must be removed or altered, otherwise the product will lose its warranty.
3. FJMPC, Lda, is not responsible for the assembly or mishandling of the material made by the client or third parties.
4. In cases where the customer detects any product malfunction or defect, before proceeding to its resale, he must complete the respective RMA form and send it to the technical services.
5. The exchange is made within a maximum period of 20 working days, except when the stock is out of order and after the damage has been confirmed by our technical services, and as long as the product is complete.
6. In the event of a stock break and based on the tables in force, it may be proposed to exchange for a similar one upon payment of the differential value.
7. In the event that none of these hypotheses is viable, the product will be sent to the manufacturer, the repair / replacement period being the responsibility of the same.


1. All data provided is confidential, and serves to process orders, issue invoices and marketing actions of FJMPC, Lda.
2. FJMPC, Lda reserves the right to accept the client within the conditions mentioned above or indicate the conditions required.
3. The user access data to the website www.fjmpc.pt are personal and non-transferable, and should only be used for access by the company or customer account holder.
4. The use of the www.fjmpc.pt website to place orders requires the acceptance of these conditions.